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Boost expertise and expand market reach with our scientific and clinical support

Let our 20 years of virtual peer-to-peer experience work for you. Centuva turns high-level scientific and medical information into targeted, actionable messages – extracting relevant data. Most importantly, we then package that data in a way that your sales and promo teams can act on – today.

As the highly competitive medical and pharmaceutical marketplace becomes ever more specialized, the role of qualified Marketing and Medical Affairs personnel becomes even more critical. Centuva’s MDs and PhDs are uniquely placed to target your unmet needs and open doors with our comprehensive and affordable solutions.

Doctors Speaking With Doctors. Cover “Unreachable” HCPs with Commercial e-MDs

Half the medical community no longer sees sales reps – we reach that “no-see” list. We provide credible, scalable, peer-to-peer solutions in all therapeutic areas, with cost-effectiveness, flexibility and rapid response. Our knowledgeable, specialized e-MDs are trained to build rapport and on-board in less than 4 weeks to fill any white space.

Virtual MSL Service, Contract MSLs, MSL Tools and Training

We provide trained, credible, peer-to-peer solutions in areas with flexibility, rapid response and scalability. Our specialized MDs on-board in less than 4 weeks and are fully compliant. Using our clinical experience as MDs, we develop effective MSL tools to quickly manage vast quantities of scientific information. We train MSLs to use these tools to better engage KOLs in an interactive learning environment.

Sales Rep Tools and Training

Using our clinical experience as MDs, we develop effective sales training materials to quickly manage vast quantities of scientific information. We train sales reps to use these tools to better engage MDs in an interactive learning environment.

Advisory Boards

We set up traditional and virtual Advisory Board meetings for Medical Directors and Brand Leads, and provide high-quality medical reports and action lists in a cost-effective process

Medical Review of Promotional Material

From assistance with managing the relationship with your communications provider to unbiased evaluation of internally produced content, we can provide the qualified expertise required to get the message out, through the right channels and at the right time.

In-Depth Scientific/Medical Reviews, Analysis of Competitors’ Weaknesses, Customized Medical Reports and More

Your marketplace is a 360-degree arena of non-stop competition – we can rapidly access relevant data to help you differentiate yourself from your competitors.

All-In-One MedInfo Service

We can cost-effectively and quickly set up and manage a repository of Standard Response Letters (SRLs) to FAQs, with uniformity across multiple therapeutic areas and internal escalation to one of our MDs, when necessary.

KOL Mapping, Outreach and Market Research

We maintain a comprehensive inventory of KOLs appropriate for your domain, so that you don’t have to – and our standardized MSL Tools allow us to effectively engage, interact with, and instruct the Key Opinion Leaders you need to reach. Our unparalleled access to healthcare professionals can help you gather valuable market research.

Safety Management

Our team can assess and report on the four key components of safety management –  policy, assurance, promotion & risk management and propose effective solutions for your safety needs.

Regulatory Affairs and Pharmacovigilance Services

We cost-effectively and rapidly develop and maintain subject matter expertise on serious adverse event reporting, prescribing information, investigator brochures and much more.

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